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Mental health in isolation

Let’s talk about you. Here’s how to help look after your mental health during isolation.

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6 health risks from lack of sleep

Don’t miss out on those all-important ZZZs! Find out about the health risks associated with a lack of shut-eye.

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Positive effects of meditation

From helping you manage stress to improving your focus, there are lots of positives to meditation – check them out!

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Meditation for physical health

Find out how taking some time to meditate can help to improve your physical health. And relax…

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How to look after your posture at home

Posture perfection! Get clued up on how to keep your posture in check while working from home.

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Why having a routine is important during isolation

Rubbish at getting into a routine? Read our tips to help you create & stick to a new normal.

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How to avoid the pressure of a lockdown 'glow-up'

Whether it’s baking or taking it easy, here’s how to do isolation your way.

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What's a menstrual cup?

Get the lowdown on the ultimate plastic-free sanitary product.

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The different types of sex toys

Unlock the world of self-pleasure & say YES to finding your fave Smile Makers sex toy.

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The link between sleep & depression

Struggling to get some shut-eye? Find out more about how your mental health could be affecting your sleeping pattern.

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How to be confident

Here’s how to tweak your thinking & show yourself some love.

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All about superfoods

Superfoods got you super confused? Learn what they are & how to add them to your diet.

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Get your five-a-day

Tips & tricks to help you eat a plate full of colour.

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